Measuring dependence in the Wasserstein distance for Bayesian nonparametric models

Marta Catalano, Antonio Lijoi and Igor Prünster / 2022-01-17

Universal estimation with Maximum Mean Discrepancy (MMD)

Pierre Alquier / 2022-01-13

Reconciling the Gaussian and Whittle Likelihood with an application to estimation in the frequency domain

Junho Yang and Suhasini Subba Rao / 2022-01-06

Inclusion Process and Sticky Brownian Motions


Heterogeneous Treatment Effects with Instrumental Variables: A Causal Machine Learning Approach

Falco J. Bargagli Stoffi / 2021-12-06

Frozen percolation on the binary tree is nonendogenous

Balázs Ráth, Jan M. Swart, Márton Szőke, and Tamás Terpai / 2021-11-25