Advances in Difference-in-Differences in Econometrics

The eighth “One World webinar” organized by YoungStatS will take place on December 13th, 2021. The difference-in-differences design is a quasi-experimental identification strategy for estimating causal effects which has become the single most popular research design in the quantitative social sciences, and as such, it merits careful study by researchers everywhere. It is also a flourishing field of present research in econometrics. Selected younger researchers active in the area will present their recent contributions on this topic.

When & Where:

Wednesday, December 15th, 9:00 PT / 12:00 EST / 18:00 CEST

Online, via Zoom. The registration form is available here.



The webinar is part of YoungStatS project of the Young Statisticians Europe initiative (FENStatS) supported by the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS).